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T3 Framework

The Perfect Starting Point

Purity III is a GREAT starter theme for any Joomla lovers. It allows YOU to get started in minutes, and highly versatile to fit in any type of projects

Joomla 3 Native

Purity III supports Joomla 3 at core. The sleek look, clean code and flat design sets it stand out and guarantee to capture anyone's attention

Easy to Customize

Purity III is extremely flexible to customize. Thanks to the powerful T3 Framework, which makes all the impossibilities possible

Highly Compatible

Purity III is highly compatible with most of the 3rd party Joomla extensions

Supports Multiple Layouts

8 layouts with dynamic and flexible grids

Why Purity III?

A Free Responsive Joomla 3 Template that no one can resist



Purity III is a fully responsive Joomla template. It looks amazingly beautiful in all screen sizes: from a wide screen desktop to tablet & mobile devices



Purity III is compatible with most of the popular 3rd party Joomla extensions, such as: EasySocial, Kunena, JomSocial, Mijoshop, etc

Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3

Purity III embraces Bootstrap 3 at core, meaning it also supports Font Awesome 4, as well as all the cool features in Bootstrap 3 Framework



Great design impresses your visitors, but SEO friendly codes bring visitors, drive more Googlers to yours while you're sleeping

Want to be the first to try our Purity III...